• Popular Fish To Populate Your Fish Pond

    Once you have your backyard fish pond built, filled with nice plants, a nice exterior edge is done the pond is still missing one thing. Fish! What fish should you put in your fish pond? Well, hopefully, you already had this planned before you started the construction of your fish pond, but if you didn’t […]

  • Comparison of Fish Pond Care Between the Summer and Winter

    It can be very rewarding for owning a fish pond. You can relax by the water with a freshly squeezed orange juice and favourite snack especially in the warmer summer weather and maybe ( or maybe not- it depends on your countries climate ) on the fine days the colder winter. But the care for […]

  • Finding the Right Pond Pump

    If you are someone who happens to have a lovely backyard or open space in your outdoor patio, then you might want to think about the potential of investing in a garden pond. These ponds can definitely add to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor area, particularly if you think you might want to put […]

  • Pond Filters – Expert Guide on How to Choose an Ideal Pond Filter

    Ponds are one of the most beautiful features to have in your backyard. Regular cleaning together with the proper filtration would provide clear and clean water for your fish pets. Most dealers of water-garden supplies suggest using a pre-filter, a mechanical filter, or a biological filter. Pre-filter- is the first in the line of filtration, […]

  • A Review of Pet Fish

    The majority of the fish are carnivorous, though a few are completely herbivorous. Or it might be you already have a betta fish and are thinking about getting a different one. It is essential that you do not over-medicate sick betta fish, because there are different complications that can occur out of over-medication. Whatever They […]